Emergency Dental Hospital Glasgow

Do you need emergency treatment? Are you in the Glasgow area? Then don’t panic, our dental hospital which is based in Glasgow can help you. If you can’t get an appointment in your own dental practice and you are experiencing severe toothache which is affecting your daily routine or you need something in your teeth sorted right away then we can help.

If your dentist has no available appointments then you should give us a call and we can advise you on what to do next. We are always opened at the weekends which is beneficial to you if you have issues over the weekend with your teeth. The only factor which you may consider a problem is the fact that because we are one of the few that actually are open at the weekend we do in fact have a lot of people coming into our hospital looking for our help and we try our best to see as many customers and sort out their problems as quick as we can. We take into consideration the stress that you might be going through so we do try and carry out our services as quickly but as effectively as possible.

If you have a problem and it is an emergency and your dentist isn’t opened at the weekend then you should either come into our practice or give us a phone call and we will try our hardest to get you in and seen to as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you.